Bed & Breakfast



- 5 double rooms:

Price pr. night: 450 DKK.

- as single room: 300 DKK.

2 of the rooms can be rented
as one apartment. There is associated bath, kitchenette and living room.
- Price pr. night: 800 DKK.
Discount for multiple nights.

The whole house is non-smoking area.

It is therefore not allowed to smoke inside.


Adult: 50 DKK

Child: 25 DKK

There are two shared bathrooms with shower.

There are two living rooms with TV and radio,

And wireless internet throughout the house.

This brand new house is inviting,

the standard is high in all respects.

There is plenty of room for creativity.

Dogs are allowed.

There is a playground for the children.






The farm is surrounded by beautiful scenery,

which is suitable for experience.


4 km to golf course, 4 km to shopping,

7 km to train And 8 km to the beach.